Mrs Brown's Boys' Brendan O'Carroll heartbreak after death of two sisters and sister-in-law this year

Talking about the losses, his sister Eilish said: “I was heartbroken for Michael, no singing was allowed in the church, and they had to keep the eulogy to three minutes"

Eilish O'Carroll photographed at the Alex Hotel, Dublin for RSVP Magazine in March 2019. (Image: Ramona Farrelly)

Mrs. Brown's Boys creator and star Brendan O'Carroll lost three members of his family in the space of a year

The actor and comedian's sister Fiona died in Canada in Spring 2020, just before the pandemic caused a global lockdown, and his sister Maureen died in January.

Brendan's sister in law Ann also passed away in February.

His sister Eilish revealed that it was very hard to deal with the deaths while being apart as a result of of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Eilish said: “My sister Fiona died at the very beginning of the first lockdown in Canada. I lost another sister in January, my eldest sister Maureen my mother’s namesake.

“My sister-in-law Ann died in February."

Eilish said it was very hard to watch her brother Michael mourn for his wife amid strict funeral guidelines.

She told the Irish Sunday Mirror : “What didn’t help was not being able to go through the grieving process with all the family.

“I was heartbroken for Michael, no singing was allowed in the church, and they had to keep the eulogy to three minutes.

“He said, ‘Eilish how do I talk about the life I’ve had and this wonderful woman in four minutes?’

“It’s almost like they didn’t die as we were denied a good send-off for them.”

Eilish admitted that she has been feeling very low lately and was struggling to get out of bed.

The former Dancing with the Stars favourite said: “Landing a role in Malta this month for a new crime drama has brightened things up for me, because I had a bit of depression.

“I was very low, I’d wake up some mornings thinking there’s no point in getting up really.

“My partner Marian was very supportive, but there was one time, a few months back because we’re looking at each other 24/7.

“I don’t even know why, but it was like, why don’t you feck off back to Cork, so I thought as soon as I opened up my mouth oh s***.

Eilish and Marian's separation worked well and Eilish bought herself a dog.

And she named her new pet after her Mrs. Brown's Boys' character's husband Jacko.

She said: “She did go back to Cork and it was the best thing ever. It wasn’t dramatic but we just needed space. When she was away I went and got a dog, I’ve wanted one for years, I wanted this dog for ages.

“He’s a gorgeous cross between a Maltese and a Jack Russell, called Jacko.

“I thought you never see Winnie’s husband in the series, I thought you know Jacko I’m going to give you life, he even looks like a Jacko.

“The amount of people you stop and talk to, you end up talking to people.

“When I start talking to people, they say I know you from Fair City, don’t I?

“I say, not quite as regular as that.”

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