Mrs Brown’s Boys ex stars Rory Cowan and Gary Hollywood said they ‘dream’ of working together again

 The pair have left the hit comedy show behind and hope to reunite to work together again in the future

Gary Hollywood who plays Dino and Rory Cowan who plays Rory Brown in Mrs Brown's Boys have a day at Bondi beach

Mrs Brown’s Boys’ ex stars Rory Cowan and Gary Hollywood said they ‘dream’ of working together again.

Scotsman Gary, 41, who played gay hairdresser Dino Doyle in Brendan O’Carroll’s hit show, announced he was leaving the show last year, after a reported dispute about pay.

Dubliner, Rory, 61, who played his on-screen other half -Agnes Brown’s hairdresser son - Rory Brown, sensationally left the show a few years prior, after 26 years working on the show.

And reminiscing on the good and bad times on the road, the duo said they are dying to get the duo back together again.

Speaking on Lanzarote’s Monster Radio, on Gary’s radio programme The Sunday Banter Show, Rory said: “I’ve lovely memories. The two of us worked so well together. I think we made a great team. 

Rory Cowan has revealed why he quit the show (Image: BBC)

“And when I left Mrs Brown’s Boys, that was one of the one things I really missed, probably the one thing, the thing that I missed most was working with you.

“Because we really did work so well with each other and the audience loved us.

“And I’ve great memories, so many memories of us working together on Mrs Brown’s Boys. And hopefully we will work together again soon.

“I would love, that would be the dream for me now.

“Me and you together again”

The pair reminisced on old times on tour, from drunken rickshaw journey’s through London, and travelling the world together.

Rory added: “I’m just so sorry that I’m not working with you anymore Gary, I really miss you so much. You have no idea.”

Recalling the height of their fame, when they would be met with legions of fans outside after their show, Rory went on: “It was mental.

“The crowds used to go wild. And it was wonderful but you had to know how to react to that.

“It could be lashing rain and we’d still go out and do it.”

Gary, who is now based in Lanzarote with his family, added: “And Brendan was always the last to leave.”

Rory added: “It was brilliant. I loved it, and I have great memories of Mrs Brown’s Boys.

“Some not so good ones, but some really great ones too.”

Rory, who started off doing PR for show boss O’Carroll and Mrs Brown’s Boys in the beginning, was first drafted in as a fill-in one day when a cast member left.

“I thought it was a joke, I genuinely did, and even now it just sounds weird,” he recalled.

“It was a case of needs must. I had to do it, otherwise we would have had to cancel the show and nobody would have got paid.

“But it worked out great.”

And now starring on RTE’s Fair City, he said he couldn’t be happier with how things have worked out.

After years of travelling the world on tour, Rory said he wanted to get a gig that he could do at home - so reached out to Fair City boss Brigie de Courcy with an idea for a role.

Whilst they didn’t opt for his own character pitch, Rory ended up joining the cast of Fair City two years ago as John Bosco Walsh, in a story about Dementia, a matter close to his heart after watching his mum battle with the illness.

He said: “I’m having the best time of my life on that show now. I’m loving it and I’m learning so much. “I enjoy going to work everyday and it is just fabulous.

“And god knows how long, because you never know on a soap Opera how long they’ll keep you, but as long as they keep me I won’t have any interest in doing anything else.”

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