Mrs. Brown's Boys' Danny O'Carroll praises wife Amanda for saving him from mental health battle

 Brendan O'Carroll's son was afraid to open up to his family about his feelings as he questioned his acting skills and his ability to be a father to his sons Blake and Jamie.

Mrs. Brown's Boys' Danny O'Carroll has praised his wife Amanda Woods for saving him during a tough mental health battle.

The much loved TV star suppressed his ongoing issues and he felt that everyone was against him, including his own family.

Danny was afraid to open up about how he was feeling as he questioned his acting skills and his ability to be a father to his sons Blake and Jamie.

He said: “I was one of them people who wouldn’t say anything and kept everything to myself. It started off very very negative, real bad negative mindset.

"It started off that I wasn’t good enough to be doing my acting, I was just really bad, I’m not good enough to be where I am.

"And then it moved onto ‘I’m a really bad father, I’m a bad husband, I'm not good enough to be with this family. I shouldn’t be here with this family, they should go and live somewhere else with someone else.’

"And then it got to the stage, ‘I’m just annoying everybody. I feel like I’m messing up everybody else’s life and I’m a burden on everybody and I feel this is bad, I feel in a bad bad place'."

Luckily for Danny, his wife Amanda noticed that he was suffering in silence and he managed to get him some help.

Speaking on The Lisa McHugh Podcast, he added: "Finally if it wasn’t for Amanda, I’d be bad. She noticed it thank God and dragged it out of me and I went and got help. Talked to people and I feel great.”

Danny said that his personal struggles over the last few years prepared him for this tough lockdown.

Danny said: “I struggled back in 2018, 2019 a little bit with mental health so it sort of set me up for lockdown, for this.

"I went through a stage where I was very very negative, everything I was thinking was very, very negative and I ended up getting help for that and I got the tools, was given the tools to use in a good way to turn my thinking, my mind frame into a positive and I use it all the time, it’s amazing.

"So 2019, 2020, 2021 have been brilliant for me from where I was in my head.”

Danny is embracing life at home with his family and he doesn't care about putting on the "Covid stone"- and a half!

The BBC favourite said: “I put on a stone and a half and I’ve loved every minute of it. And I’m still loving it. I’m trying to turn it into a positive that I’m looking forward to getting it off but not just yet.

"I’m enjoying Netflix, I’m enjoying my crisps and Maltesers at nighttime and I’m not coming out of that bubble for a minute. I’ll come out when I’m ready.”

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