Brendan O'Carroll family: How many children does the Mrs Brown's Boys star have?

 BRENDAN O'CARROLL is best known as Agnes Brown but how many children does Brendan have off-screen?

Brendan O'Carroll family: How many children does the Mrs Brown's Boys star have? (Image: GETTY)

Brendan O'Carroll has played the role of foul-mouthed matriarch Agnes Brown for a decade on Mrs Brown's Boys. While he appears alongside his family on-screen how many children does the comedian, have off-screen?

How many children does the Mrs Brown's Boys star have?

Brendan has three children with his first wife Doreen Dowdall including sons Danny and Eric as well as daughter Fiona.

Brendan and Doreen also welcomed a son Brendan Junior who passed away in 1979 when he was just three-days-old after suffering complications with spina bifida.

Both Danny and Fiona appear alongside Brendan on Mrs Brown's Boys.

Brendan O'Carroll family: Brendan's son Danny O'Carroll plays Buster Brady on Mrs Brown's Boys. (Image: GETTY)

Danny plays the role of Buster Brady while his daughter Fiona is known on-screen as Maria Brown.

The Mrs Brown's Boys star has since spoken of how his children bring him "happiness".

He explained in 2019: "I thought the birth of all my children would bring me the most happiness.

"But then I saw them grow to become great people and hard workers and thought that was the most happiness.

Brendan O'Carroll family: Fiona plays Maria Brown on Mrs Brown's Boys. (Image: GETTY)

"Nope, there's more – along came six grandsons and my cup truly runneth over!

"To see Fiona, obviously the most beautiful baby girl ever born, blossom into a wonderful young woman and mother makes my heart jump for joy.

"To have seen Danny grow from a pudgy baby through years of making me proud and laugh gives me goose bumps.

"And to have seen Eric, just 2lb 13oz at birth, become the fine handsome young man that he is.

"There is my happiness, there is my success. Nothing else matters."

While Brendan appears alongside his real-life son and daughter on Mrs Brown's Boys his second wife Jennifer is also part of the cast.

On the show, Jennifer plays Cathy Brown - Brendan's on-screen daughter.

Talking of working with his family Brendan has previously said: "A lot of people don't get it.

"A lot of people think, with your family, it must be terrible, but actually it's absolutely fantastic.

He added: "We have great chemistry, and there is a great love, and we do have spats, but they last like that.

"When we are on tour we got to spend time with our grandkids every day."

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