When are the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas specials on TV? Release date, cast, news

 The Brown household is out of lockdown and into more chaos in the 2020 Christmas episodes.

Coronavirus has hit Dublin as hard as anywhere but in the world of Agnes Brown that can only mean an opportunity for slapstick, pratfalls and comedy so broad it could block out the sun.

Mrs Brown’s Boys is back for its now traditional two festive episodes and life after lockdown is the background for the laughs this time around.

This Christmas the new normal involves a new tree, new jobs (Buster and Dermot are coronavirus advisors), a new neighbourhood villain (there’s a flasher on the loose) and Radio Times featuring when Agnes and Winnie enter a competition in the magazine for an alternative Queen’s speech.

Later, the New Year starts badly when Winnie’s place is burgled and her mother’s much-loved wedding ring is missing. Who are you going to call in those circumstances?

Mrs Brown’s Boy isn’t everybody’s cup of tea – Metro described it as “jaw-droppingly past its sell-by date” and “not even remotely funny” in 2011 – but a decade on it is still a feature of the festive schedule and the recipient of BAFTA and National Television Awards for best comedy.

When are Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas specials on TV?

Mrs Brown’s Boys will be back once again on Christmas Day, with a festive special airing on BBC One at 10pm.

Fans don’t have to wait too long for their next dose of Agnes Brown, with the show returning to the channel for another special on New Year’s Day at 10pm.

Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas specials cast

The beloved sitcom is renowned for the stability of its recurring cast – many of them are directly related to the comedy’s creator Brendan O’Carroll. The matriarch of the Brown family is, of corse, Agnes Brown, played in drag by comedian O’Carroll. His real-life wife Jennifer Gibney plays Agnes’ daughter Cathy, while his real-life sister Eilish O’Carroll stars as Agnes’ best friend and next-door neighbour, Winnie.

The festive episodes also star O’Carroll’s son Danny O’Carroll as Buster and Paddy Houlihan as Dermot, a pair of inept criminals, while Grandad, played by Dermot O’Neill, and Damien (Conor Moloney) also feature in key roles.

Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas specials plot

The two 30-minute episodes revolve around the impact of coronavirus. Episode One, Mammy of the People, features the Browns trying to get used to “the new normal” (not that they ever got a handle on the old one!). Mrs Brown has a new tree, Grandad has a new complaint and Buster and Dermot have new jobs, helping to raise awareness of the coronavirus.  There’s much to distract them too, as Winnie and Agnes have entered a competition in the Radio Times to perform an alternative Queen’s speech.

Plus they’ve been told to look out for a flasher called the Knickie Knackie Dickie who’s been terrorising households around Finglas.

Episode two, Mammy’s Memories, features more struggles with life after lockdown. Winnie hasn’t been sleeping well and is determined to tell Agnes about her dreams but she has other things on her mind as Cathy has a significant birthday coming up and isn’t happy about it.

The focus changes abruptly when Winnie’s house is burgled and Agnes gets the Gardai round so Winnie can give a statement – good luck with trying to get any sense in the victim interview!

Meanwhile, Buster and Dermot go in search of the thief when they hear the wedding ring of Winnie’s mother has been stolen.

Is there a trailer for Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas specials?

There is no trailer available for the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special, but we will upload it as soon is it is launched.

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