Mrs Brown’s Boys 2020 cast: Who is in Mrs Brown's Boys?

 Mrs Brown’s Boys follows the life of Agnes Brown (played by Brendan O’Carroll), a gossiping older Irish woman who loves nothing more than to interfere in the lives of her children. The BBC comedy has been making fans laugh out loud for years and tonight, Friday, December 25, will be no different with the Christmas special. has everything you need to know about the stars of Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Mrs Brown's Boys: Who is in the cast of Mrs Brown's Boys? (Image: BBC)

Who is in the cast of Mrs Brown's Boys? 

Agnes Brown – Brendan O’Carroll

Mrs Brown's Boys: Brendan O'Carroll plays Agnes Brown. (Image: Getty)

Irish writer, producer, comedian, actor and director Brendan O’Carroll portrays the foul-mouthed Agnes Brown.

He originally became known for appearing as a guest on The Late Late Show in the early days of his career, before going on to present quiz show Hot Milk and Pepper with life-long friend Gerry Browne.

In 1992, O’Carroll performed a short radio play called Mrs Brown’s Boys and then went on to write four books called The Mammy, The Granny, The Chisellers and The Scrapper.

Seven years later and a film called Agnes Browne starring Anjelica Huston was released which was based on the book The Mammy, with O’Carroll co-writing the screenplay.

The 65-year-old then decided to set up his own family theatre company and dressed up as a woman to play the part of Agnes when the original actress failed to show up.

Since then, Mrs Brown’s Boys has been turned into a television show which has gone on tour around the UK on numerous occasions and usually has a Christmas special lined up for its fans.

Cathy Brown – Jennifer Gibney

Mrs Brown's Boys: Jennifer Gibney portrays Cathy Brown. (Image: Getty)

Mrs Brown’s Boys is very much a family affair in real life as O’Carroll’s wife Jennifer Gibney portrays Agnes’ daughter Cathy.

She worked as a civil servant in the Irish tax office for several years before joining the Bank of Ireland.

During this time, she studied for a drama degree and became a member of the company’s amateur dramatics group.

Gibney went on to train at the Dublin Oscar Theatre School and got her first professional part in Some Mother’s Son in 1996 with Helen Mirren.

She married O’Carroll in 2005 and have three step-children with her comedic husband.

Gibney also starred in Strictly Come Dancing in 2014 but was voted off in week three.

Winnie - Eilish O'Carroll

Mrs Brown's Boys: Eilish O’Carroll plays Winnie. (Image: BBC)

Mrs Brown is more often than not seen next to her best friend and nosy neighbour Winnie.

She is played by actress, writer and comedian Eilish O’Carroll who is O’Carroll’s sister in real life.

O’Carroll has been a cast member of Mrs Brown’s Boys since the very beginning, starring in the show, the film Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie and the 2017 chat show All Round to Mrs Brown’s.

In 2013, she wrote and starred in an autobiographical one-woman show called Live Love Laugh which debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

After this, she took the show on a tour around the UK and Ireland until 2018.

O’Carroll was a contestant on the third series of the Irish version of Dancing with the Stars last year but was the first to be eliminated.

Buster - Dannny O'Carroll

Irish actor Danny O’Carroll is the man behind hopeless criminal Buster, the best friend of Agnes’ son Dermot.

In reality, he is comedian O’Carroll’s son, Eilish O’Carroll’s nephew and Gibney’s step-son.

He worked as an executive producer of Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie which came out in 2014.

O’Carroll was supposed to be part of the Dancing on Ice line-up in 2019 but had to decline due to family commitments.

Mrs Brown's Boys: Actor Danny O'Carroll portrays Buster. (Image: BBC)

Grandad - Dermot O'Neill

Mrs Brown's Boys: Actor Dermot O’Neill plays Grandad. (Image: BBC)

Playing Grandad and Agnes’ father-in-law is 67-year-old Dermot O’Neill.

When her husband died, she was left with Grandad, whose real name is Harold Brown, to look after.

O’Neill hasn’t done any other acting work and has been in Mrs Brown’s Boys from the very beginning.

Other cast members include:

Dermot – Paddy Houlihan

Damien – Conor Moloney

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