Brendan O'Carroll announces how much longer Mrs Brown's Boys will air


Image via BBC

Brendan O'Carroll has announced how much longer he expects Mrs. Brown's Boys to air.

The massively popular BBC series debuted in 2011 and as usual, this Christmas it will return to our screens for festive episodes on both Christmas and New Years' Day. 

If you're a fan of the Irish sitcom, you'll be thrilled to hear that Brendan O'Carroll has confirmed that the show will stay in production until at least 2026 as the 65-year old signed a massive deal with the BBC, according to The Irish Sun.

The contract also guarantees that any Mrs. Brown's Boys specials will have the top TV spot on Christmas Day of 10pm. 

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Brendan said: "It’s incredible that the BBC have nailed down such a special slot for Mrs. Brown". 

"We’ve been doing it in for nine years already - which is six more than The Royale Family had and more than Morecambe and Wise."

"This new deal we signed last week goes all the way to 2026, which means I will be able to grow into the part, and we’ve a clause in which guarantees Mrs. Brown is aired at 10pm on Christmas night, or else we don’t have to make it."

"I wanted that because if it’s not good enough for Christmas Day, then we shouldn’t be making it."

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