Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll says he and wife are ‘political junkies’ as he gives opinion on US election

 MRS Brown's Boys star Brendan O'Carroll has said that he and his wife are "political junkies" as he gave his thoughts on the upcoming US Election.

The entire world is patiently waiting for the results of the upcoming US election and last night on Claire Byrne Live they had a number of people giving their opinions on it.

Brendan explained his opinions on what will happen with the election Credit: RTE

Brendan O'Carroll joined Claire Byrne virtually from his Florida home as he gave his thoughts on what will happen with the momentous event.

Brendan explained that he and his wife Jenny are huge "political junkies" and they are enjoying everything about it.

Speaking on the RTE show Brendan said: "Yeah Jenny has her map, a black and white map, and she'll colouring county by county as the results come in, we will stay up during the night.


"If there is an election going on Jenny and I will be following it. We're junkies we're political junkies. This is like popcorn for us we love it."

He explained that he many people who are Trump voters don't say they're Trump supporters.

The comedian said: "There are Trump voters who won't say they are Trump voters so it's going to be a bit tighter than we imagine but I still think result wise it's going to be close to a landslide for Biden really."

He also explained that Covid-19 will be a huge factor in this year's election.


The TV star continued saying: "The thing about it in the early stages it's such a big, big country that very few people knew anybody who caught the disease or had the disease or who even died from the disease but when Trump caught it himself and when it spread to the White House and now it's with Pence it's really hitting home with people.

"He wanted to just go on the economy and that's not happening people are talking about Covid."

Brendan went on to call Trump a "bully" and he explained that people like the fact that he is a bully.

Speaking about why he thinks people like Trump he said: "As terrible as it is to say, I think it's because he's a bully the American's like to bully.

"In an American restaurant, the man who shouts the loudest is always the one who gets served first, the man who makes a fuss at the door will always get seated before anyone else.

"They don't like confrontation, they like to keep things calm so when they see someone being a bully that they can follow they don't have to bully they just have to be behind him they're quite happy to do that."

Brendan said that it will be a landslide win for Biden Credit: Instagram

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