Mrs Brown's Boys star Dermot O'Neill says cast have finished filming Christmas specials

Fans of the hit comedy show were eager to see if the annual festive specials would be going ahead due to the pandemic and thankfully there is good news

Good news for fans Mrs Brown's Boys, as the cast have completed filming on two Christmas specials.

There was a question mark over whether the annual festive specials would be going ahead due to the coronavirus pandemic, but filming has now wrapped up and the cast are back self-isolating in Ireland ahead of the second lockdown.

Dermot O'Neill, who plays the role of Grandad, said: "We're all home now in Dublin and self-isolating for the next ten days.

"But the shows are in the bag and we hope it gives everyone a big laugh. It's what we all need."

Of course, extra safety and hygiene measures were put in place to make sure the set stayed Covid-free while filming took place.

Dermot added: "You'd have a Covid test on Monday morning and then you'd find out on Wednesday if you were clear.

"God knows what would have ­happened if anyone tested positive but thankfully we were all clear and we were able to keep going."

However, for the first time there was no live-studio audience present for the specials.

But Dermot explained to The Irish Sun that the specials are funnier than ever and this didn't make a massive difference.

He said: "Brendan can make ten people laugh or 10,000. He had us in stitches, knots. The cameramen, the whole crew.

"I've never seen him so good. It was a tough gig under the ­weirdest of circumstances ­but he rose to it so well. People forget Mrs Brown is all about Brendan, and when he's on top form, there's no stopping him."

Earlier this year actor Paddy Houlihan, who plays Dermot Brown on the hit BBC sitcom, told RSVP Live that he was hopeful that the Christmas and New Year's specials would be going ahead.

He told us: "As far as I know the show is going ahead as planned.

"But I thought we were going to be back on stage in June so maybe I am not the best person to be giving out the information.

"I am hopeful that we will be filming it because I miss Mrs. Brown’s Boys and I miss all the gang."

Not long after that, Buster Brady star Danny O'Carroll confirmed the gang would be back on our TV's this Christmas. We can't wait!

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