Entire Mrs Brown’s Boys cast test negative for Covid-19 and can start rehearsals for two Christmas specials

 AGNES Brown is Covid-free and will be bringing her comedy to TV screens this Christmas, the Irish Sun can reveal.

The entire cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys — including star Brendan O’Carroll — have tested negative for Covid-19 and can now begin rehearsals together in BBC Glasgow for two Christmas specials.

The whole Mrs Brown's Boys cast including Brendan O'Carroll have tested negative for coronavirusCredit: © BoC Productions Ltd

Dermot O’Neill, who plays Grandad in the hit show, told the Irish Sun last night that fans can look forward to a festive cracker.

He said: “As soon as we landed in Glasgow last Monday, we were taken straight to the BBC where everyone was tested.

“We then had to go back to our apartments after that and await the results. It took a day or two but we got the news we were all clear.

“Not just the cast, but the crew as well — so it means we can now all get together and rehearse.”


Among those delighted with the good news was show star and creator Brendan O’Carroll who spends most of the year in Florida.

The Sunshine state was one of the US regions worst-hit by Covid-19.

Dermot said: “Brendan came home and was in Dublin for the last few weeks self-isolating.

“He’s over here now and delighted that everybody is clear and we can go ahead with rehearsals.”

Prior to getting the all-clear, the 20 members of the Mrs Brown cast were forced to do their first run-throughs on Zoom.

Dermot said: “It took about an hour between setting up and making sure everybody was on the Zoom.

“It worked — but you’d miss the craic of being together with everybody and the slagging that would go on.”


The Covid-free news means that the full Mrs Brown cast can now gather together in BBC Glasgow.

Dermot said: “They recreate the set with guys putting tape on the ground.

“That’s really when you know the show is on the road.”

But he revealed the cast and crew of Mrs Brown would face further Covid tests every few days during filming — which is due to go on for two weeks.

He said: “We’ve been given so many rules about socially distancing, and rightly so.

“We are sticking to it because, as an actor, it’s great to be back working and have some money for Christmas.”

Reuniting with fellow actors will also be an emotional moment for Dermot, the oldest member of the Mrs Brown cast, whose colleagues know him affectionately as ‘Bugsy’.


Dermot ended up watching the two Agnes Brown’s Christmas specials from his hospital bed last December after he became dehydrated during treatment for life-threatening cancer.

The Cabra man remains high risk because of his treatment but vowed to take part in the two Mrs Brown specials, as “people really need a laugh this Christmas”.

He said: “I am still in isolation because my immune system is still on the way up. I can’t afford to risk anything.

“My grandson had his confirmation last week and I couldn’t go to that, but my health is good and my taste buds are about 80 per cent back to what they should be.”

Dermot O'Neill, who plays Grandad, said the cast will face further Covid tests during filmingCredit: BBC

The much-loved TV star credits golf with keeping him sane during lockdown, getting up to two socially distant games in per week.

And he took a swing at the Oireachtas Golf Society Committee for giving his favourite game a bad name during Golfgate recently.

He said: “The difference between us and them is we just play, we don’t hang around making speeches and doing all that bulls**t.”

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