Brendan O'Carroll first wife: Who was Brendan O'Carroll's first wife?

BRENDAN O'CARROLL is known for playing the role of Irish mammy on-screen but what is known of his life of screen?

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Brendan O'Carroll is best known for playing the well-loved role of Mrs Brown. The popular series sees Brendan's off-screen family act as his on-screen family with his wife Jennifer Gibney taking on the role of his on-screen daughter. But who was Brendan's first wife, Doreen?

Who was Brendan O'Carroll's first wife?

Doreen is the mother of Brendan's three children Danny, Eric and Fiona - two of which accompany Brendan on Mrs Brown's Boys.

The Mrs Brown's Boys star and Doreen got married in 1977.

Brendan has previously spoken of his ex-wife in his biography titled The Real Mrs Brown: The Authorised Biography of Brendan O'Carroll.

Brendan and Doreen are said to have first met in a basement club in Dublin.

Talking of the first time they met, he said: "She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life.

"She had pierced ears, her head shaved back, a black Crombie coat with a velvet collar, black polo neck, black three-quarter-length skirt, black knee-length stockings and black loafers."

Brendan O'Carroll first wife: Brendan and Doreen were married over two decades before they split. (Image: GETTY)

Brendan went on to say how it was love at first sight for him, adding: "I thought she looked incredible. I knew then I wanted her to be my girlfriend. She was just so special."

The couple were together just over two decades before their split in 1999.

Brendan has previously spoken of how he regrets the way their marriage ended.

He said: "I would rather it [the break up] had have happened earlier, that I had been more honest.

"I was also very arrogant. I thought, 'Well, I can't leave because if I do she will fall apart,' which was terribly selfish and arrogant of me."

After his split with Doreen, he went on to marry his second wife, Jennifer Gibney in 2005.

Brendan O'Carroll first wife: Brendan and second wife Jennifer Gibney tied the knot in 2005. (Image: GETTY)

Although Brendan has since spoken of how the pair didn't get along at first, and he gave Jennifer the nickname 'frosty'.

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