Terminally-ill little Glasgow girl meets Mrs Brown's Boys star and fulfils dream of 'driving train'

Sophia Walker met Gary Hollywood thanks to the Les Hoey MBE DreamMaker Foundation.

Sophia with Gary Hollywood at Glasgow Central Station (Image: Les Hoey MBE)

A terminally-ill Glasgow girl was over the moon after her 'dreams came true' thanks to the Les Hoey MBE DreamMaker Foundation.

Seven year-old Sophia Walker said it was her dream to drive a train and Network Rail and Scot Rail made her wish come true by inviting her down to Glasgow Central Station where her name was in lights up on the board.

Sophia was given the ultimate VIP treatment and got the chance to drive a train, ride in the station buggy and make an announcement over the tannoy.

She was then taken under the station to see the old tracks and the murals under the station before being treated to lunch and received a gift of a train driver's key and whistle among other goodies.

Sophia was so excited and had so much fun and her huge smile was infectious and had everyone laughing and smiling with her.

Mrs Brown's Boys star Gary Hollywood is a patron for the charity and tweeted to say he stopped by to say hello to Sophia.

He said: "Before I flew home on Friday I had one stop to make and that was to meet Sophia. Sophia is age 7 and has a brain tumour. Her dream was to be able to go to Glasgow Central Station and sit in the drivers cockpit, tour the station and ride on a station buggy Not much to ask eh?

Sophia had a great day (Image: DreamMaker Foundation)

"Talk about hitting home to you! The energy and smile that wee girl has offft! Thanks to Network Rail and Scotrail and all the staff who assisted @DreammakerLes on making this happen,you even put on a lunch for Sophia and her family too , something else , The Quote of the day was from Sophia “Front Page mammy, a 7 yr old driving a train, bloody brilliant”

"This is what @DreammakerLes is all about ! So if you can a little money goes a long way and any donation would be greatly appreciated so they can continue making DREAMS for kids come true."

The seven-year-old even made an announcement over the tannoy (Image: DreamMaker Foundation

Dream Coordinator Angela Cook  said: "It was our pleasure to make Sophia's wish come true. We are not currently taking on new wishes due to the global pandemic and having no regular income since March but Sophia's wish was time sensitive and we wanted to do our best to make her day special for her and her family.

You can find out more about the Les Hoey MBE DreamMaker Foundation here.

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