Mrs Brown's Boys - Mammy Rides Again - Part 3

Mrs. Brown's Boys: Season 1 

Episode 4

It's the week of Dermot's fiancée Maria Nicholson's hen party, and Agnes Brown and her friend Winnie are excited about going... until daughter Cathy tells them they are not invited because they are too old. Undeterred, Mrs Brown decides she will crash the event and show the girls that she and Winnie are not too old to party. All she has to do is find out where the party is being held. Agnes thinks her luck is in when son Dermot tells her that the girls are meeting at local pub Foleys. But when Agnes bursts into the pub in full hen party attire, it becomes clear that Dermot may have misinformed her.

Mrs Brown's Boys - Mammy Rides Again - Part 3

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