Brendan O’Carroll reveals Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special given go-ahead to film

Mrs Brown Boys Agnes Brown (Brendan O'Carroll)

The Mrs Brown’s Boys star lives in Orlando in Florida and said that lockdown for him has been very different to how things are in Ireland

Brendan O’Carroll insisted that the show must go on for Christmas specials and live performances even during the current pandemic.

The Mrs Brown’s Boys star lives in Orlando in Florida and said that lockdown for him has been very different to how things are in Ireland.

The 64 year old said: “You wouldn’t even know that it [Covid-19] is happening here unless you listened to the news.

“Stores never really closed, our golf club never closed, the supermarket was always fully stocked so it’s much more relaxed than it is in Europe and especially at home in Ireland.”

And speaking of the changes that had to be made to live shows and Christmas specials, he told Liveline on RTE Radio One that he is confident things will be better by the time things come around.

He said: “We had to push the tour back by a year but other than that, we’ve been able to pay everybody, people have to eat.

“You just keep going and see what happens next.

“I’m confident by next year we’ll be back.

“One thing I’m delighted with over here is that they do hold Ireland up as people who are doing what is right for Covid-19.

“We’ll be recording the Christmas specials in October.

“We got a list of guidelines from the BBC about two weeks with 70 things we can and can’t do.

“I think that list is getting shorter as time goes on though.

“I’m confident the recordings will go ahead but whether or not we have a live audience is going to be the thing.

“These things can pass very quickly and it’s quite possible by the time we get to August that people will look back to this part of the year and just forget it ever happened.

“I think there’s going to be a bounceback, I really do.”

The comedian also spoke very passionately about his view on the riots that happened there over the weekend and what he thinks of the Trump administration.

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, an African-American man, was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota by police officer Derek Chauvin.

The death of the 46 year old sparked widespread protests after a video on social media showed Officer Chauvin pressing his knee into Mr Floyd’s throat for nine minutes.

Speaking about the following riots, Brendan O’Carroll said: “This is systemic, this isn’t just a couple of bad apples.

“Four black people who were suspected of a crime were shot in the last few weeks and there were no repercussions whatsoever.

“This is the outburst of people who have just said ‘listen, we’ve had enough’.

“I don’t know if any change is going to come out of what is happening now but certainly no change is going to come from the White House.”

Speaking about President Trump walking down the street with a bible, Brendan said he was sickened watching coverage on Monday.

He said: “I was sick to my stomach watching it.

“The police and National Guard charged the people on Lafayette Avenue so that he could walk down it with a bible.

“It was sickening to watch.”

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