Mrs Brown’s Boys and Fair City star Rory Cowan reveals he’s blocked more than 3,000 Twitter users for ‘nasty’ comments

Rory says he blocks those who act nasty as well as anyone who likes their comments.

RORY Cowan has revealed he has blocked over 3,000 users for abuse on social media platform Twitter.

The former Mrs Brown star said the site can be ‘absolutely brutal’ and the way to enjoy it is to ‘block, block, block’.

Rory told the Irish Sun: "If someone posts a nasty comment about me. I’ll leave it for a few days, then I’ll come back and not only block the person who made the comment but everyone who liked the nasty comment too. Sure you wouldn’t want those people on your timeline either”.

The process ensures the Fair City actor does not see what such individuals tweet and they cannot see what he tweets either.

Rory added: "Once I block someone, I never unblock them because I enjoy social media, and I don’t want nasty people hanging around on my timeline trying to ruin my day. Twitter can be great if you get shut of the bad people as early as possible.”

But the actor said he wouldn’t use a new function offered by Twitter which allows users to decide who can view their tweets.


Rory said “I wouldn’t restrict my Twitter. Everyone is welcome to read my tweets, and comment on them but if it’s nasty, they’re going to get blocked by me and they can never be unblocked.”

The 60-year-old previously revealed in 2015 how he was left fearing for his life after a series of online death threats.

While a member of the cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys, his support for Israel resulted him being warned there would be a death squad waiting for him if the production ever came to Belfast.


While another tweet warned him he should never set foot in Derry.

Rory Cowan said :”I was getting called a Jew-loving bastard and a supporter of children getting murdered. The scariest thing is that I didn’t know who the people threatening me were?

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have left the house.”

The Ballyfermot man said the threats had come out the blue after a video surfaced of him speaking at a function in the Israeli Embassy in 2013 to celebrate the country's 65th birthday.

Rory said:”The video was online for 15 months before these people noticed it. All I said on it was, I supported Israel. It’s a country I’ve been visiting regularly since 1982.

“I would describe it as enlightened. Israel would probably has more gay rights than we have over here in Ireland.”

'I was getting called a Jew-loving bastard and a supporter of children getting murdered', Rory saidCredit: Crispin Rodwell - The Sun Dublin


The height of the campaign saw a petition to have Rory replaced on Mrs Brown because of his stance on Israel.

But it found zero support from Agnes Brown herself, the creator of Mrs Brown and his friend Brendan O’Carroll.

Rory said: ”Brendan couldn’t have been more supportive. When someone told Brendan his mother ‘would be turning in her grave over him employing someone like me’, he told them everyone is entitled to their opinion whether you agree or disagree with them.”

Rory said the video only became controversial because it re-surfaced at the time of the conflict in Gaza.

He said:”People were saying I supported the killing of children but I had only been talking about Israel, I never voiced an opinion on Israel, and who in the hell would support the killing of children?

“Like all my friends in Israel, nobody is going to be happy about that.”

The actor is now waiting to return to filming with the cast of RTE soap Fair City.

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