Good Mourning Mrs. Brown Extra 02

Mrs. Brown's Boys: The Original Series (2002–2008)

Good Mourning Mrs. Brown

Part 4 of the Original Mrs Browns Boys Here Comes The Fourth installment in our story of the lives of the very 'ordinary' Brown family and their friends and neighbours The family have decided that it's time fro Grandads funeral - the fact that he's not dead makes no difference to their plans. Cathy is looking at her policeman boyfriend and wondering what kind of husband he'd be. She may find out sooner than she thinks. Throw in to the mix a multiple pregnancy, a trip to Canada, Winnie, Sharon, Buster Brady's missing testicles, the alcoholic DR. Flynn, a pub quiz, a giant yellow chicken, Rory and Dinos cookery show and .. oh yes, ringworm! And you have a very ordinary week in the life of Mrs Brown and her boys!

Good Mourning Mrs. Brown Extra 02

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