Brian Dowling and hubby Arthur act out hilarious scene from Mrs Brown’s Boys

MYSTERIOUS CALLERS Brian Dowling and hubby Arthur act out hilarious scene from Mrs Brown’s Boys

FORMER Dancing With The Stars contestant Brian Dowling and his husband Arthur acted out a scene from Mrs Brown's Boys.

The couple lip synced one of the funniest scenes from Brendan O'Carroll's hit show.

In the video Brian and Arthur are sat on the sofa when they get a phone call from an unknown number.

Brian plays the role of Agnes and Arthur plays the role of Cathy Brown.

They lip sync the scene in which Cathy gets a call from a "heavy breather" who says to Cathy: "If you can guess what I have in my hand you can have it."

To which Agnes takes the phone and responds: "If it fits in your hand you can fe**ing keep it."

Sharing the video on Instagram Arthur captioned it: "Don't you just hate those Mysterious callers #mrsbrownsboys #wrongcall #husbands"

The popular skit was a huge hit with fans of the showCredit: BBC One


Friends and fans loved the witty video.

Former Dancing With the Stars finalist Grainne Gallanagh joked: "It was me ringing"

To which Arthur replied: "I knew it"

Claire Savage said: "Oh my god hilarious!!!"

Alice Kinsella added: "That is just brilliant."

Someone else said: "You two crack me up.. I just luvs ya please keep doing what you do."

Fans and friends are loving the funny video


This comes after Brian opened up about dealing with the grief of losing his mum and finding it difficult to visit her grave.

Following the sudden death of his mum two years ago, Brian decided to launch a podcast series about dealing with grief.

Brian took to Instagram and said one of the topics discussed in each episode of his series was visiting loved ones graves.

In his Instagram post Brian said: "A general topic of conversation on all 7 episodes of my podcast Death Becomes Him would have been about visiting the graves of our loved ones that have passed.

"This is something I found difficult to do & would have spoken honestly about it.

"I've never really found any comfort in going to mum's grave & I'm not really sure why."

Brian went on to say that he believes his mum is always around him so he talks to her whenever he wants to.

He continued: "Maybe it’s because I think she’s always around me & always with me."

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