Brendan O’Carroll opens up about the heartbreaking death of his sister

Brendan O’Carroll has opened up about the loss of his sister Fiona.

The Mrs Brown’s Boys creator has revealed he held his sister in his arms before she died, and jetted to Florida to say goodbye in time.

Fiona, 72, had an extremely close relationship with the actor, admitting that she was like a mother to him.

“Everybody should have a stand-in mammy. My sister Fiona was mine. Everybody should have a Fiona,” he told The Sunday World newspaper.

“When it came time to visit Santa, Fiona took me. My first trip to the zoo, Fiona took me.

“My first time to go to the cinema, Fiona took me,” he explained.

The siblings were so close, that Brendan named his own daughter Fiona, while she named her son Brendan.

Fiona had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and had been quite sick for the last year.

“I had seen her going through this before and she always came out the other side smiling,” Brendan explained.

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“As we were recording All Round to Mrs Brown’s in February I got word… that Fiona was really bad this time.”

“The nurse told me that for the last few days Fiona kept asking him to just keep her alive until I got there,” he revealed.

“I went back into the room and took her hand. I said ‘I love you’. She smiled and answered ‘I love you more’. I said ‘I love you the most’. She said ‘Forever and ever.’ Then she died.”

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