Brendan O’Carroll in update after suffering virus and being 'month away' from heart attack

BRENDAN O'CARROLL - who stars as Agnes Brown in Mrs Brown's Boys - has spoken out about his health after a doctor told him he was "a month away" from a heart attack, in an exclusive interview 

Brendan O’Carroll said he is '110 per cent' after being told he was a month away from a heart attack (Image: GETTY•ITV)

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll, 64, recalled suffering from a virus and a problem with his arteries over the past three years. But, the actor is now living in happier times as he revealed his health is now “110 per cent”.

I am 110 per cent okay now, thank God you have friends
Brendan O’Carroll

Back in 2017, Brendan sought expert help after suffering from peripheral artery disease, which left him struggling to walk.

His friend Dr Alan Byrne had also noticed his breathing didn’t seem right when he appeared on The Late Late Show.

After undergoing various tests and an operation, the actor was stunned to learned that his artery was 99 per cent blocked.

Prior to this, Brendan thought he was having a heart attack, but it turned out to a be a virus.

Brendan O’Carroll sparked health concerns during his appearance on The Late Late Show (Image: RTEONE)

Recalling his health scares, he said: “They’re not related but, that time I thought I was having a heart attack was when we were recording in Glasgow, about three years ago.

“It turned out just to be a virus, I had a very bad virus.

“Thank God, after two days I seemed to be okay.

“Ironically, fast forward two years after that, a doctor, who is a friend of mine, was watching me on a TV interview and he said, ‘There’s something wrong with Brendan’s breathing and I don’t like that.’

“So, he sent me to a place and they put a stent in my heart.

“It turned out I was about a month away from a heart attack.”

He added: “I am 110 per cent okay now, thank God you have friends.”

Previously recalling his health problems, he said he did feel breathless for some quite time before discovering the problem.

He had also been advised to give up smoking.

Thankfully, Brendan recovered from his health troubles and dived straight back into his work on Mrs Brown’s Boys and All Round To Mrs Brown’s.

While Brendan’s recovery was good news for the family at the time, sadly his sister Fiona died in Canada last month.

The comedian’s sister Eilish said Brendan was there for their late sibling in her final days.

Speaking to The Irish Mirror, she said: “Sadly my sister took very ill and passed away in Canada on March 3.

“I had been out there with her for Christmas but we didn’t manage to get out until the day after she died.”

She added: “He was there to see her and got her talking and laughing and singing and I knew she was hanging on for him.

“They were very close, she was like a second mammy. Very much so.

“For her I know it was her wish to see him and she did and that was lovely.”

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