Brendan O’Carroll reveals the secret to Mrs Brown’s success

Brendan O’Carroll - who plays Agnes Brown on ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ - has revealed what makes the hit TV series and stage show a global success.

Speaking to Sunrise, the Irish comedian and actor said he believes it is all about his real-life family.

“We’re very lucky to be surrounded by family - kids, in-laws and outlaws,” he explained.

“Sometime we just take a breath and say ‘just give us 24 hours with no drama,’ which is very difficult when you have a large family.”

“But actually that is the secret of Mrs Brown. Just when you think there is nothing to write about there is a new drama.”

Brendan first brought Mrs Brown’s Boys to screens in 2011 and it has proved to be a hit with viewers ever since.

But he says the end is not yet on the horizon.

“I think there’s a good bit of it (the show) left - It’s my intention to milk this widow to death”.

Two back-to-back specials of the smash hit sitcom will air on Channel 7 and 7plus on April 22 to keep Aussies entertained during coronavirus lockdown.

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