BBC One head back round to Mrs Brown’s

Best on the Box highlights include Ant and Dec with a slightly different ITV Takeaway, Mrs Brown is back on the Beeb and its all about the animals on Channel 4.

Animal Rescue School

NEW: This six-part series follows candidates realising their dreams of becoming an RSPCA inspector. Only the very best students will make it through an extraordinary year of rigorous evaluation, make-or-break physical testing and gruelling assessment and land a permanent role with the charity rescuing animals in trouble and helping stamp out cruelty and neglect.

It’s autumn, and the start of a punishing year of training for the students. With places on the course more in demand than Oxbridge, the lucky 25 candidates must show they’ve got what it takes to go all the way. The group must survive two physical trials: a timed swimming test and a working-at-height assessment with the fire service.

If they fail to meet these challenging targets, they could be sent home before their training has barely begun. The students also get their first taste of the challenges they’ll face in their role as they’re sent out on the road to shadow qualified inspectors working real cases, experiencing everything from rescuing wildlife and saving malnourished animals, to seeking justice for abused pets. Former estate agent Nat must deal with a serious case of neglect as she rescues a field of horses that are close to death, while also battling her own fears of all things equine as a result of a childhood riding accident.

And trainee Becky, who quit a successful career as an archaeologist, experiences the emotional highs and lows that come with the work as she witnesses her first case of extreme cruelty, but also gets to experience the thrill of rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife as she releases an owl that’s been hurt in a road traffic accident.

Animal Rescue School, Channel 4 at 3.55pm

All Round To Mrs Brown’s

NEW: Mrs Brown is back, and she’s inviting the nation round to her house for a new series of the Saturday night entertainment show, where only the bravest celebrities pop round to visit.

Guests will be put on the spot on The Cathy Brown Show, where Agnes does her best to hold back – with little success.

Kicking off the new series, Agnes and Cathy welcome global icon Caitlyn Jenner; star of stage and screen John Barrowman (and his larger-than-life parents); plus music and chat from front-man Danny O’Donoghue, and The Script.

All Round To Mrs Browns, BBC One at 9.15pm

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway

It’s a first, but not one the boys would ever have wanted as the first live edition airs without a studio audience. Still there is plenty of fun to be had to keep your spirits up such as Pandas called Howai and Wayai at London Zoo who return for another Don’t Feed The Pandas.  A realistic Panda enclosure was created at the Zoo as children along with their teachers visited the animals. Once the adults weren’t looking Howai and Wayai (Ant and Dec in realistic prosthetic costumes) started trying to persuade the kids to give them the Zoo keepers lunch who will help and who will be good?

Also tonight Bradley Walsh is the first ever double victim of an Undercover as Ant and Dec take cause mayhem on an episode of The Chase and ITV’s star Geordie’s are back on the case as super sleuths as their mini-series continues. The duo are still members of ‘The Honoured’ charged with looking after Britain’s security and this time round they’ve been called in due to an intergalactic security issue…

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, ITV, STV and UTV at 7pm

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