Roy Chubby Brown 'deserves credit' for Mrs Brown's Boys success as his fans can 'finish every gag'

The Grangetown-born comic's manager says he was paid 'the ultimate back-handed compliment' when the BBC smash hit won an award

Chubby Brown (left) 'deserves credit' for success of Mrs Brown's Boys, says the Teessider's manager

Roy 'Chubby' Brown deserves some credit for the success of award-winning sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys.

The Teesside comic's manager, Tony Jo, took to Facebook to make the claim about the BBC smash-hit.

Mr Jo says the show is inspired by Chubby's act - and claimed the Grangetown-born entertainer's fans could "finish every gag".

He wrote: "Britain's King of Comedy Roy Chubby Brown was paid the ultimate back handed compliment by terrestrial television, when Mrs Brown's Boys was awarded the top comedy show award at the prestigious National TV Awards."

The manager said "it would be nice if he had received some sort of acknowledgment from the production team".

The BBC declined to comment on the claims.

Teesside Live has attempted to contact Irish-based Boc Productions, which produces the show.

One fan agreed with Mr Jo's assessment, and wrote: "Any modern comedian or comedy series that relies on uncouth, risque, crude humour all owe their lineage to the mighty Chubbs.

"As an avid fan of Roy's for decades, I see and hear his gags everywhere."

Chubby will return to Middlesbrough Town Hall in May.

The show was controversial, after the comic claimed he had been banned from playing at the venue.

Mayor Andy Preston had said he'd scrapped an "unwritten" policy not to book the performer, after council bosses said it wanted to broaden the Town Hall's appeal to boost profits.

But the fallout saw complaints from many, and the resignation of the town hall programme manager.

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