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MRS Brown's Boys star Brendan O'Carroll said that he's "not scared" to die - as he opened up on his 2018 health scare.

The Finglas funnyman previously told how a medical specialist seeing him breathless on the Late Late Show in October 2018 saved his life.

Mrs Brown creator Brendan said he's not scared to dieCredit: BBC

He was operated on at Dublin’s Beacon Hospital where surgeons uncovered a blockage around his heart.

Doctors later told the 64-year-old he was just a month away from a heart attack.

Speaking on RTE Radio One's Ray D'Arcy he called it "a health scare I didn't know I had".

Opening up on his attitude to life, Brendan said: "One show at a time. We all go some time you know what I mean.

"Honest to go if somebody came down and told me: 'Listen it's your time', I couldn't really complain I've had a fantastic life."

He added: "I always remember reading a Paul Newman's final days and he was sitting on a pier and his daughter came down and held his hand and he'd only ways to live at that stage.

"And she said to him, 'Dad are you scared?'

"And he looked at her and he said, 'It's been a privilege'.

"And that's what I would have to say. I'm not scared. It's been an absolute privilege."

Brendan and wife Jenny Gibney with Mrs Brown's NTA gongCredit: Splash News


The actor also chatted about his friendship with late RTE legend Gay Byrne who sadly passed away last November.

He told how he was "so nervous" before his first Late Late Show appearance - but once he got on stage, he had a laugh with Gay and they instantly connected.

Brendan said Gay also gave him advice on taking time off and looking after himself.

He explained: "It was just him and me having breakfast and he chatted about this that and the other and I'm wondering what am I doing here?

"And eventually I said, 'Why am I here Gay?' He said, 'I wanted to have a quick chat with you to keep an eye on something.

"'You're surrounded by some wonderful people who all love you and take care of you but just remember this, they only make money when you work.

"'So don't be waiting for them to say to you take a week off, they won't. You have to be the one that says I'm taking a month off and you just take care of yourself.'

"And he didn't have to do that."

Brendan's wife Jenny Gibney added: "He kept that up over the years. Himself and Kathleen were both very kind to me and every time we would meet up with them.

"He would always say, 'Jenny is he taking some time off?'

"He never lost that he always cared about you."

Brendan spoke about his and Gay's friendshipCredit: Getty Images - Getty

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