Entertainment Sunday: Britbox comedy Mrs. Brown’s Boys is a must-see!

To say that the smash BBC/Britbox hit comedy Mrs. Brown’s Boys is a different type of a sitcom is like saying President Donald Trump could teach a class in humility. Now airing in the United States on Britbox, Mrs. Brown’s Boys is a slap you in your face comedy with that demands your attention and it well worth the slap.

There is nothing subtle about the show which makes it work and why it has many loyal fans. Think of Mrs. Doubtfire meets Archie Bunker but as strange as it sounds Mrs. Brown’s Boys works.

Recently I spoke the shows, creative team, behind the hit show starting with Brendan O’Carroll who plays the title role of the outspoken Mrs. Agnes Brown and his charming and talented wife Jennifer Gibney who plays his daughter Cathy Brown on the show.

A quick look at the credits shows you just how much of a family project the show really is. O‘ Carroll makes no bones about the fact that he is a big fan of nepotism.

As a matter of fact, O’Carroll and Gibney are quick to point out that part of the show’s success is due to the fact that the majority of the cast consists of real-life family and friends. As for the members of the family we have Buster Brady is played by Brendan’s real-life son Danny O’Carroll, daughter Fiona O’Carroll plays Dermot’s onscreen wife and member of the Brown family, Maria.

O’ Carroll’s sister Eilish plays next-door neighbor Winnie in the series in which she also acts alongside her niece and nephew. His son in law Martin Delany plays Trevor Brown on the show.

But wait there are more let’s keep the line moving Amanda Woods is O’Carroll’s real-life daughter-in-law both on-screen and off. She plays Betty Brown in the show and is married to Danny O’Carroll in real life. Jamie O’Carroll plays Bono Brown and he is the real-life grandson of the patriarch of the family and his parents are right there on stage with his dad (Danny O’Carroll) and his mother (Amanda Woods) act in the show alongside him.


Listen to "My guests are Brendan O’Carroll and his wife Jennifer Gibney the team behind the BBC and Britbox hit comedy Mrs. Brown's Boys" on Spreaker.

Both O’Carroll and Gibney admit that while it can at times be a challenge to work with so many family members as part of the cast and crew there are indeed more good things than bad. According to Gibney, there is a bit of a shorthand and an ability to communicate with each other that really can only come from being part of the family.

I asked O’Carroll his inspiration for doing Mrs. Brown’s Boys and he said that he always was drawn to shows with strong ensemble casts like Are You Being Served and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the types of programs that features good writing with all of the members of the program having their own voices and adding to show.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys is a touring show when they are not shooting the show and the will be touring the United States in 2021. We promise to let you know where as soon as the dates are announced.

So, I highly recommend Mrs. Brown’s Boys streaming now on Britbox.

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