News: Mrs Brown's Boys Wins Best Comedy At National Television Awards – And Twitter Isn't Very Happy

BBC One sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys has won Best Comedy at the National Television Awards.

The show, starring Brendan O'Carroll as the smutty-mouthed matriarch pipped critically acclaimed shows Derry Girls, Fleabag, Sex Education and After Life to the top prize. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, Twitter was not very pleased.

@ollycfc wrote: "Mrs Brown's Boys is far and away the least funny programme on television, how the fuck did it win an NTA never mind beat Sex Education and Afterlife on the way to doing it?"

Daniel Tom Clark posted: "Honestly though, Mrs Brown’s Boys! Are you taking the absolute piss? I give up."

John Whelan tweeted: "Mrs Brown’s Boys winning any sort of comedy award explains why this country is fucked. The wallopers who voted for that shite gets to choose our government. Think of that."

@Welshspur07 was one of many who echoed that thought, writing: "Mrs. Brown's Boys winning the Comedy award is a prime example why people in the UK shouldn’t be trusted when voting"

Many expressed the sentiment that Ricky Gervais was robbed and that After Life was the obvious winner. @Trevornixon10 tweeted: "So Mrs Brown's Boys is funnier than Afterlife? WTAF. Utter humourless shite at best."

@angrybritain tweeted: "In case you’ve never seen an episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys, simply shit in your hands and smear it all over your TV screen. It’s basically the same thing ..."

In the interests of balance, if you do like Mrs Brown's Boys there is a live tour coming up. Details here. 
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