Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Brendan O’Carroll has new pilot in the pipeline

The Lebanese Outpost reportedly focuses on a group of Irish peacekeepers as they patrol the Lebanon/Israel border

Brendan O’Carroll is reportedly set to pilot a brand-new comedy titled The Lebanese Outpost – his first creation since Mrs Brown’s Boys.

O’Carroll has been developing the project for BBC One, and it will apparently focus on a group of Irish peacekeepers as they patrol the Lebanon/Israel border.

Speaking to Deadline, O’Carroll said, “I’m doing a pilot at the moment of another thing that I’m doing called Lebanese Outpost and there’s a couple of projects that I’m working on.”

He added that, if he were to go back and do a full new series of Mrs Brown’s Boys, he would have to drop these projects, hinting that such an event was unlikely.

There has not been a new series of the popular sitcom since 2013, although there have been regular Christmas and New Year’s Day specials every year since 2012.

O’Carroll has said that the purpose of the Christmas specials is to keep the show in the public conscious given that most of Mrs Brown’s Boys’ income currently comes from touring.

Little else is known about The Lebanese Outpost at this stage, but it will certainly be one to look out for – even if it seems to suggest a slight departure for O’Carroll.

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