Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll opens up about losing his first son in emotional RTE interview

MRS Brown's Boys creator Brendan O'Carroll has opened up about losing his first son in an emotional interview on The Tommy Tiernan Show.

The RTE star spoke in depth about hard topics such as happiness and losing loved ones close to him.

Brendan O'Carroll opened up about losing his first son

Tommy asked him: "Do you have wounds, scars?"

Brendan asked: "Emotional scars? F**k yeah. My mother passing away. Losing my mother. That was really tough. I was very young when my son died.

"That was tough because he was my first child and I, like everybody else, I had all the things figured out in my head - white picket fence, swing in the garden, he'd play football just like his dad did and I'd go to the games with him, blah blah blah.

"And it changed overnight and it leaves a hole. I'm very lucky to have three fantastic kids but they don't fill that gap, not that you'd want them to but they don't.

He added: "But other than that Tommy I'm fine."

Tommy said that he wasn't aware of Brendan's son who had passed away.

Brendan revealed that he died just a couple of weeks old in 1979 and was called Brendan Junior.

Viewers at home were moved by Brendan's honesty.

Nicola said: "Brendan O’Carroll’s interview on #thetommytiernanshow is so raw!"

Somebody else said: "Brendan O'Carroll is always such a good interviewee. I didn't know he had a son who died."

Marie added: "Loving this interview with Brendan O'Carroll great man, brilliant attitude to life."

He spoke on the Tommy Tiernan Show

The funnyman also spoke about happiness and what that means to him.

He told Tommy: "Not enough people ask that question.

People confuse being not unhappy with being happy. Being not unhappy is not happy. Being not unhappy just means you're not unhappy amd you're prepared to settle for that.

Nobody has to settle for anything. Happiness is an entitlement. Every single one of us are entitled to be happy.

"And sometimes to make the changes in your life to make that happiness, or to have that happiness are hard choices. It could be leaving a job. A job that you've been in that pays well but you're dreadfully unhappy in it or you're not unhappy but you're not happy. To take the risk to leave and try something.

"Happiness is trying. Happiness is not the end it's the journey.

"Am I happy? Absolutely. Have i got more than I could've ever dreamed of? Absolutely. Is that the thing that brings me joy? No it's not the thing that brings me joy.

"Nothing gives me more joy than being with my grandkids."

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