Irish star Rory Cowan reveals Fair City future is uncertain and believes he ‘could be gone by Christmas’

IRISH actor Rory Cowan has opened up about working on RTE's Fair City revealing that it's very close to his real life.

The former Mrs Brown’s Boys star plays the role of John Bosco on the RTE soap but says there is doubt over the longevity of his character.

Rory plays Molly's brother John Bosco Walsh in Fair City

Rory joined the RTE soap in September this year after jumping at the opportunity to play the role of Bosco.

Rory told VIP Magazine: “John Bosco was a role I was never going to turn down."

“It was very close to my real life over the last five years."

Rory went on to say that his own mum had dementia and he was involved in caring for her.

"My mother had dementia and I and my brother and sister were involved in caring for her to make her last years as comfortable as possible.

"From a dementia awareness perspective, this story line is massive.”


Speaking about playing the role of Bosco, Rory said he is "loving being on set on one of Ireland’s biggest soaps."

He added that he's unsure of his future and guesses his time on Fair City will end when the story line comes to an end.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be in Carrigstown, but I’ll hang around for as long as possible!

“If the story line comes to a conclusion then I’ll no doubt be going. But it’s a nice gig to get."

Rory who is best known for playing Rory Brown in Mrs Brown's Boys said he has laughed more then he has in years working with the Fair City cast.

"The cast are genuinely lovely and I find myself laughing more than I have in years.

So I’m hoping I’m here until I drop. But then again I could be gone by Christmas.”


Rory's mum Ester passed away suddenly in November last year.

Rory shared a photograph of both of them on Instagram on her anniversary last month.

He captioned the picture saying: "That year went by so fast.

"So fast it doesn’t even feel like a year since my mother died.

"I hate not knowing for sure what happens when you die.

"I love this photo of me and my Ma from 2012."

Fans flooded Rory's feed with words of love and support for the still grieving star.

Rory says his future in Fair City is uncertain

One fan said: "My thoughts are with you Rory all I know for sure is your Mum lives on in you, she must be so incredibly proud of her darling son."

Another follower tweeted: "Sending all my love kisses and hugs to you. The pain will get better in time but you will never forget all the time you spent together."

Someone else commented saying: "Hope the good memories help you through today Rory. I'm sure she's looking down on you & proudly telling the other angels 'That's my boy'."

Rory Cowan with his late mum Ester

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