Brendan O’Carroll leads celeb walkaround at Crumlin Children’s Hospital

CHRISTMAS O'CAROLS Brendan O’Carroll leads celeb walkaround at Crumlin Children’s Hospital

CHRISTMAS came early for hundreds of youngsters at Crumlin Childrens’ Hospital on Friday.

TV star Brendan O’Carroll led the annual celeb walkaround at the hospital, cheering up kids who won’t get home for the holidays.

The funnyman and Jenny O’Carroll with Sam Corcoran from DundalkCredit: Lorraine O'Sullivan - The Sun Dublin

The big-hearted comic shelled out for 28,000 Mrs Brown’s Boys vouchers with St Vincent de Paul, so the less well-off can enjoy a turkey dinner this year.

Brendan told the Irish Sun: “As a kid I was a recipient.

“I wouldn’t have had Christmas without my Uncle Vincent and Paul.

“I haven’t forgotten that. I won’t ever forget that.”

The Finglas funnyman urged people to reach out to others who’ve lost loved ones and may be finding it hard to cope, having gone through it himself.

He explained: “I know how you feel and I sympathise when the person you love is not there.

“I lost my own mother 32 years ago and I still talk about her.

“I could talk about her forever.

“Time is a great cure but even better is people and friends who will pop in and say, ‘I know how you feel and I sympathise’, but most importantly listen.”

O’Carroll also gave Mrs Brown fans a sneak preview of this year’s Christmas special, a spoof on It’s A Wonderful Life.

Brendan O'Carroll Aoibhinn McHugh from Galway and Zoe Lonergan from FirhouseCredit: Lorraine O'Sullivan - The Sun Dublin

He smiled: “Agnes has rows with all her family then ends up in the pub wondering if everybody would have been better off without her?

“An angel played by Kevin Kennedy then appears and shows her exactly how everybody would have done without her. Anyway it turn out everybody would had a fantastic time without her, but there’s a twist to it too.”

Mrs Brown’s Boys: A Wonderful Mammy airs on Christmas Night at 10pm on RTE One.

Three-year-old Mary Ellen Meehan from Co. Dublin with Brendan O'CarrollCredit: Stedman

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