Brendan O’Carroll drops hint that full Mrs Brown’s Boys series is on the cards

Mrs Brown’s Boys could be coming back for a full series (Picture: BBC)

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll has teased a full series of the show. 

The actor writes and stars in the sitcom as Irish matriarch Agnes Brown, and fans will be seeing her and her family again for more festive episodes later this month.

 He is also set to appear in All Round To Mrs Brown’s once again with further Christmas episodes planned for the end of 2020.

 But Brendan has hinted that we could see much more of Mrs Brown in the near future with a new series of regular episodes. 

He told ‘I’m happy with Christmas specials. At some stage… they continually hint at some stage of having a full series back. Just having a full series.

 ‘The agreement with the BBC is that when they decide it’s over, it’s over and that suits me fine. I bring it to a close. 

‘But as long as they want to keep running it on Christmas Day I’m gonna keep doing it on Christmas Day and hopefully get better and better and better.

’ Throughout 2021 the show is going global with Brendan and the cast performing abroad in such far flung places as South Africa, Australia and America.

Brendan writes and stars in the sitcom (Picture: ITV/REX)

But he won’t be toning down any of its bawdy humour for international audiences.

 Brendan explained: ‘We made our decision a long time ago, not just in the move from Australia to New Zealand but in from Ireland to the UK. You know this is an Irish show. This is the way these people behave and think and the audience can make that leap.

 ‘When I write it I try and stay away from local issues like who is going to be the next Prime Minister in Great Britain, because it goes out in Iceland, Jamaica, in South Africa, in Zimbabwe. They don’t give a f*** who’s gonna be Prime Minister in the UK. It’s gotta be global. Things like global warming, like family, like love, like kids are global.’

In the Christmas episode Mrs Brown is going to be given a look at what her family’s life would be like if she didn’t exist. And she gets a shock as they all seem to be getting along perfectly fine without her.

 All is not as it seems however and fans should brace themselves for a tear-jerking moment when Mrs Brown pours her heart out about what her family means to her.

Mrs Brown will find out what her family’s lives would be like if she never existed (Picture: BBC)

Brendan joked that he had to ‘lie’ to get through the scene as he wouldn’t risk being brutally honest about his nearest and dearest, including wife Jennifer Gibney who plays Agnes’ daughter Cathy.

 ‘I can’t say any of her speech will spill over into actual family otherwise there will be f*****g war!’ he said.

 ‘Imagine if I was like, “Cathy who’s a nagging b***h”, we go home and it’s like, “Did you mean Cathy or me?”. It’s a tight a rope, you have to balance it. Or lie!’

 Mrs Brown’s Boys returns to BBC One this Christmas.

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