Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas storyline revealed by Brendan O'Carroll- and it is the best one yet

"I think and the BBC think these are the two best Christmas specials we have done yet"

Brendan O'Carroll said that this year's Christmas instalment's of Mrs. Brown's Boys are the best ones yet.

His alter ego of Agnes Brown will be left questioning life and everything she believes after a number of big arguments on Christmas Day.

However, not everything goes the way she would like it to- as always!

Brendan told RSVP Live: "The Christmas Day one is called ‘It’s a Wonderful Mammy’ and Agnes is in Foley’s after having a row with Winnie, Cathy and her daughter in law and she is fed with them all."

The Mrs. Brown's Boys creator added: "She says to herself ‘Do you ever wish you weren’t here’ and an angel appears beside her in the form of Kevin Kennedy and he helps her with that and shows her what life would be like if she wasn’t there.

"If you have seem ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, you will know that everybody’s life is devastated well everyone’s life is bloody fantastic without her."

Brendan also dismissed any competition from rival shows over the festive season, fellow especially revived programme Gavin and Stacey.

"The more comedy the better over the Christmas season. We always have the same slot every Christmas," he said. "I think and the BBC think these are the two best Christmas specials we have done yet."

With Kevin Kennedy, Curly from Coronation Street, confirmed as a special guest, Brendan ruled out any further surprises because they don't fit with what they do on the show.

He said: "We don’t really do celebrity guests because we have All Round to Mrs. Brown’s in the New Year. Last year we had Sting and Shaggy on Cathy's blog."

Brendan & Jenny have established the Mrs. Brown's Boys FAI Heart Care Programme. The Programme commenced in January and provides heart screening for all children & adolescents involved in National League squads under the guidance of FAI Medical Director, Dr. Alan Byrne.

Grassroots club coaches and club representatives will receive training in Basic Life Support as well as learning how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator which is accredited by the Irish Heart Foundation.
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