Rory Cowan says he got Mrs Brown's Boys role after revealing his sexuality in job interview

Rory Cowan doing a book signing at Eason’s in Dundrum.Picture by Philip Fitzpatrick.

Mrs Browns Boy's star Rory Cowan revealed that he landed his job as funny man Brendan O’Carroll’s publicist after telling him he was gay.

The 60-year-old actor said that during his interview for the job O’Carroll asked Rory if he was gay before immediately offering him the job.

“I was being interviewed by himself and his [business] partner at the time Jerry Brown.

“I knew the question was coming because they both said ‘Well we’ve just one question to ask you’ and they looked a bit uncomfortable.”

“And then Brendan just said listen he just wants to know are you gay?’ And I said yes, and Brendan says you have the job”

Cowan added that he was taken aback that it looked as though he was being hired because he was gay, however O’Caroll said it was the honesty of his answer and his experience working as a publicist in the past that landed him the gig.

He defended his former boss for asking him about his sexuality pointing out that it was before homosexuality had been decriminalised in Ireland.

Mrs Brown's Boys (Image: BBC)

Cowan would eventually go on to play the role of Agnes Brown’s flamboyant son which was created specifically for him, in the sitcom and stage show despite having never acted in the past.

Speaking ahead of his book launch yesterday[SATURDAY] on RTE’s Marian Finuacane hje said that the characters of Rory Brown and boyfriend Dino Doyle were groundbreaking as gay people were traditionally protrayed as “the butt of the joke”.

He said: “Brendan made Rory and Dino likeable. They were living together They were in a relationship, all the family knew about it.

“Mrs Brown couldn’t understand it but if Dino made Rory happy that was the way it was going to be. And he made those characters likeable and that made people think”

In 2017 Cowan left the show after his mother’s health deteriorated.

But he said that there are no ill feelings between the two following his decision to quit.

“I was glad to leave I think they were quite happy to see the back of me as well”

“A light sort of went on in my head that I made the right decision.

“I never had any regrets”

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