How to watch Mrs Brown’s Boys – what’s it about and who’s in the cast?

The opinion splitting BBC sitcom, created by Brendan O'Carroll

Mrs Browns boys is an often critically derided BBC sitcom that became a huge hit with fans, even spawning a feature film Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie. Brendan O’Carroll plays the eponymous Mrs Agnes Brown in a cast mainly made up of his family and friends.

Where can I watch Mrs Brown’s Boys?

Some of the latest series is available on BBC iPlayer. All episodes are available on DVD or on 

Who’s who in Mrs Brown’s Boys?

Mrs Brown’s Boys has a large cast, most of whom have no other TV credits.

The show’s creator Brendan O’Carroll plays Mrs Brown. Mark Brown is played by Pat Shields and Rory Brown is played by Rory Cowan for the most part, and by Damien McKiernen in several specials. Mrs Brown’s daughter, and Mark and Rory’s sister, Cathy Brown is played by Jennifer Gibney, O’Carroll’s real-life wife.

Two more sons, Dermot and Trevor Brown are played by Paddy Houlihan and Martin Delaney, respectively.

Mark’s wife Betty Brown is played by Amanda Woods. Dermot’s wife Maria Brown is played by Fiona O’Carroll.

Harold Brown, aka Grandad, is played by Dermot O’Neill.

Winnie McGoogan is played by Eilish O’Carroll and Buster Brady by Danny O’Carroll. Dino Doyle is played by Gary Hollywood. Father Damien is played by Conor Moloney. Father Quinn is played by Gary Lilburn, and Hilary Nicholson is played variously by Sorcha Cusack and Susie Blake. Bono Brown is played by Jamie O’Carroll.

What is Mrs Brown’s Boys about?

Mrs Brown’s Boys invites viewers into the Brown household, headed up by matriarch Agnes Brown, who swears, fusses around the set and regularly breaks the fourth wall at the beginning and end of each episode.

Informal staging sees bloopers left in the final broadcast and characters sometimes acknowledging cameras, props and crew in their dialogue.

How many series of Mrs Brown’s Boys are there?

There are three series of Mrs Brown’s Boys, totaling 34 episodes, of which 17 are specials.

Is there a Mrs Brown’s Boys movie?

Yes, Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie was released in 2014. Empire gave it one star and described it as “One of the four horsemen of the cinematic apocalypse”.

Where is Mrs Brown’s Boys filmed?

Mrs Brown’s Boys is filmed in front of a live studio audience in Glasgow, at the BBC’s Pacific Quay studios.

Where is Mrs Brown’s Boys set?
The sitcom is set in Ireland, and most scenes take place within the confines of the Brown’s home. This is largely due to the show’s origins as a stage show.

Who is related to who in Mrs Brown’s Boys?

If you’re wondering who, in that long list of characters, is related to who in real life, then see our full Mrs Brown’s Boys family tree.
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