The Award Winning Brendan O’Carroll and Mrs. Brown’s Boys invite you to their brand new production, Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Musical? coming to the M&S Bank Arena from 29th November – 1st December 2019. No stranger to Liverpool, Brendan and the cast have performed at a number of different venues around the city and it’s the warmth of the audience that brings them back.

We sat down with Mrs Brown herself, Brendan O’Carroll to find out more.

“Liverpool has always been so good to us! Since our time at the Royal Court, the Empire and now at the M&S Bank Arena. Every time we play Liverpool, I swear to god, it’s just like coming home.”

The whole gang is coming to Liverpool to pick up the story where Mrs. Brown’s fruit and veg stall crusade left off. Faced with a £76k legal bill for saving Moore Street – but with no way to pay, the resourceful Mrs. Brown turns director and gets the whole gang together to stage a musical – with hilarious results.

With 8 songs, both original and some faves we all know, Brendan said: “To give you a flavour of what to expect. In one scene Buster tries to get into the musical by putting together a boyband with two priests – they’re called Saints & Sinners. They do a number called Love on a Humpback Bridge.”

Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Musical? promises to take audiences on an exhilarating, side splitting and musical adventure. Brendan said: “Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Musical? will have you crying with laughter, tapping your toes and you will leave the show singing and smiling to yourself. We are having such fun doing this and can’t wait to share it not just with fans of Mrs. Brown’s Boys, but to anyone who needs a good night out.”

Asked how he continues to come up with new and exciting story-lines, Brendan said his own family often fuel his creativity. As one of 11 kids, he clearly remembers his own mum sat in the chair begging for a bit of peace and quiet. There’s nothing Scouse families like more than a bit of drama, maybe that’s why we love Mrs Brown so much?

Brendan explained: “I wasn’t waiting to come off stage to hear people say oh you know, we didn’t realise you could sing – because it’s so musical. What I was waiting for and what people are saying this is the funniest show yet and that’s the main thing, because we’re a comedy troop not a f*cking choir!” he says with a hearty laugh.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Musical? is on tour with dates in Dublin, Belfast, Sheffield and Liverpool’s M&S Bank Arena this November and December – the perfect pre-Christmas treat for all Mrs. Brown fans.

In a change from studio filming, we asked Brendan what he likes most about going on tour, he said: “The bit I enjoy most is nothing to do with the show itself. It’s when we go on tour, I have my 6 grandsons with me for 4 weeks non-stop. Every morning we have a cup of tea together and you don’t get a chance to do that anywhere else. For me on the road, it’s all about family.

“It’s also the shared success. If someone went up for a BAFTA, they go on the stage, collect the award, give a speech and go home and tell their family how wonderful it was. I don’t have to do that. When I went up to pick up the BAFTA, I look around me and my family are all around me. We share that success together.”

Mrs. Brown’s Boys success has been nothing short of incredible. Voted the No. 1 Sitcom of the 21st Century, awards include 5 BAFTAs, 4 National Television Awards, 3 TV Choice Awards, 4 IFTA awards, 3 TV Times Awards as well as RTS, TRIC and National Comedy Awards. It is a ratings smash across the globe. Mrs. Brown’s Boys live show has broken box office records across the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

2014, 2016 and 2018 saw  Mrs. Brown’s Boystour Australia and New Zealand selling out multiple arenas and BBC ONE series All Round to Mrs. Brown’s continues to achieve record breaking viewing figures with a third series due next year.

Speaking of next year, we couldn’t let Brendan go back to rehearsals without at least a little exclusive – and he didn’t disappoint. There’s a very famous Scouser making his debut in Mrs. Brown’s Boys in 2020. Brendan explained: “I was writing the New Year’s Day special episode which opens up with Agnes on the phone and she’s entering a radio competition.

“They said to me who do you want to use as the radio DJ and I said, Pete Price! He was away on holiday when he got the call from the BBC. He sent me a voicemail to say he’s f*cking delighted to be involved.” We absolutely can’t wait to watch that episode in our jarmies on January 1st!

If you haven’t experienced Mrs. Brown’s Boys live show, this tour is set to be one of the hottest tickets for 2019 and is not to be missed. To get your hands on tickets to see Mrs Brown’s Boys D’ Musical at the M&S Bank Arena, head this way. 

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