Mrs Brown's Boys star Damien McKiernan's heartbreak over son's illness

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A Mrs Brown’s Boys star has told of his heartbreak over his son’s debilitating illness.

Damien McKiernan took over from Rory Cowan, appearing in the Christmas Special last year when the Dubliner dramatically quit the show following a 26-year stint.

Speaking about his 11-year-old boy Theo, the new Rory explained how his family have been rocked by the news.

The 53-year-old told the Irish Mirror: “He developed a very rare form of arthritis in his left leg, so rare that they didn’t know what it was.

“It’s never been recorded in Ireland or the UK before. There are only 60 cases worldwide.

“Eventually I said this was getting out of hand as his left leg was getting worse.


“I kicked up enough fuss and he got an operation just before Christmas.

“We stayed in hospital with him for a couple of weeks and we’ve been doing rehab with him ever since.

“I went to get him out of bed in May and it went into his right leg, the hospital were in shock.

“He had the second operation on his right leg in June. The right leg was stronger, the left leg almost withered away.”

The dad of two opened up about how tough things have been adding: “His left leg locked in one position so we’ve been rehabbing him at home. They are brilliant in Cappagh Hospital. They tried to break his left leg to get it working but they couldn’t.

“He’s in a bad way in a wheelchair and so we need to work really hard on the physio and hopefully by August he can get another operation on this left leg again.

“It’s been very tough. We hope with such a rare disease they can cure this, they have to open up his leg and file the bones so the joints can move.

“I have machines in the house and he can use a CPM machine at home to try to move his leg. Once we can get him on an exercise bike hopefully things will improve.

“He hasn’t been in school in months, all we can do is keep going.”

Damien is giving back to the community and launched a two-day road racing festival in Skerries, Co Dublin, kicking off on September 7 and 8.

The event is in memory of Darren Lindsay, the four-times Irish National road racing champion who died in 2006 during a practice lap for the Killalane Road Races.
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