Who is All Round to Mrs Brown’s Chef Aly?

All Round to Mrs Brown’s introduces to a new member of the Mrs Brown’s Boys family as Chef Aly steps into the kitchen to cook up some delightful dishes for Cathy Brown’s celebrity guests.

But who is this mysterious chef? And how did come to meet Brendan O’Carroll’s Agnes?

Who is Chef Aly?

Aly Mahmoud is quite the business man. He’s Head Chef of Chef Aly Catering, which he set up back in 2015 after spending many years working for a number of tour catering companies, and as a private chef.

He works providing food for music and touring industry artists and crews, one site at film and TV locations and in green rooms.

You can check out exactly what he gets up to over on his official website.

How did Chef Aly end up on All Round to Mrs Brown’s?

Well, Aly has long served as both the personal and tour chef for Mrs Brown’s Boys, plus he’s a big supporter of the series.

That’s why we’re guessing that when the need for a TV chef arose, he was probably their first choice.

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