Johnny Vegas’s mum reveals to Mrs Brown’s Boys he once ‘stabbed a priest’ in sausage row

Patricia was brutally honest about what she thought of his comedy (Picture: BBC)

Johnny Vegas might be the comedian of the family but his mum Patricia Patterson steals the show appearing alongside him on All Round To Mrs Brown’s – and reveals he once stabbed someone while he trained to be a priest. 

Even Mrs Brown (Brendon O’Carroll) herself was left stumped and glugging on whisky straight from the bottle as she had a mammy bonding session with Patricia, who had no issue whatsoever answering every question thrown at her as honestly as possible.

 And boy, was she honest when she was quizzed about her comedian son’s history with the church, how much she didn’t like it, and the extreme measures he went to facing up to authority. 

Shooting back a shot of whisky, Patricia declared: ‘Oh it was awful! No, I didn’t like it [him training to be a priest].

‘Even though he was only 11, he never drunk sugar in his tea, and they never once gave him a cuppa tea with no sugar in. They used to put the sugar in the teapot, on purpose! And he couldn’t have a drink.’ 

She then landed the stinger of a punchline and added: ‘Then this other lad opposite, didn’t like him so kept pinching his food, so he [Johnny] got the knife one day and stabbed him!’

Agnes and Patricia had a heart-to-heart mammy talk in the kitchen when the revelation was made (Picture: BocPix)

Banging her hand on the table for effect, it was clear the conversation went sideways extremely quickly for everyone involved, with Johnny looking horrified at the revelation from the front, and running in to the kitchen to clarify things.

‘Sorry, I didn’t stab him!,’ he told everyone, to which Patricia was having none of it, adding that the knife ‘went through the other guys’ finger’.

 ‘He came to knick sausages and I put a fork in his hand! You’re making it sound like Oz!,’ Johnny added.

Mrs Brown got more than she bargained for with Johnny Vega’s mum!! (Picture: BocPix)

It takes a certain kind of woman to leave Agnes Brown speechless, but Patricia did just that – and it was actually hilarious.

Knowing he was fighting a losing battle with the two matriarchs, he returned solemnly to the living room, adding: ‘I didn’t, like, stab him in the traditional [sense].’

 Yeah, yeah, Johnny – we believe you!

It seems that Johnny has his work cut out with his, quite frankly, incredible mum, who even didn’t hesitate to admit on camera that she hated his stand up comedy for being too filthy. 

Now we can see where Johnny gets it from!

 All Round to Mrs Brown’s continues Saturday at 9.15pm on BBC1. 

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