Teri Hatcher thought Agnes Brown was a real person

Teri Hatcher thought Agnes Brown was a real "elderly lady" when she was a guest on 'All Round to Mrs. Brown's' and was surprised when she met Brendan O'Carroll out of character.

Teri Hatcher thought Agnes Brown was a real "elderly lady" when she was a guest on 'All Round To Mrs. Brown's'.

The 54-year-old actress is a guest on the new series of BBC One talk show - which is inspired by sitcom 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' - on which the stars are accompanied by their mothers.

And Brendan O'Carroll - who plays the foul-mouthed Irish matriarch - has revealed that the former 'Desperate Housewives' star was confused when she met him out of character backstage as she thought Mrs. Brown was an actual person.

Brendan said: "I went to her dressing room to say 'hi' before the show and I knocked and I said 'Hi Teri, I'll see you out on the floor, I'll be out there doing the show with you.' And she went, 'OK'. So I think she thought I was the floor manager then when she saw me in the kitchen she goes, 'You look familiar!' "

Brendan's wife Jennifer Gibney - who plays Agnes' daughter Cathy Brown on the series - can remember Teri having a "respectful" conversation with Mrs. Brown on the kitchen set much to her amusement looking on.

Speaking on 'This Morning' (19.03.19), Jennifer said: "When Teri was in the kitchen with Agnes, she was having a respectable conversation with an older woman and then revealed something she'd never revealed before because she was talking to this elderly woman."

The cast of 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' is almost entirely made up of Brendan's family members, such as Eilish O'Carroll (Winnie) who is the actor's sister and his daughter Fiona O'Carroll (Maria) among others, and although people think it would be difficult working with your family all the time he and Jennifer love it because it means they are always with them when they do their live tours.

Jennifer said: "We're really lucky. In the last Christmas special we had four of our six grandsons - we had Jamie, Felix, Eli and we had Blake. So we had four of the grandsons in the show."

Brendan added: "Actually it's fantastic. We have a great chemistry and a great love and we do have spats but they last like that. But when we're on tour we get to see each other every day."

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