Will there be another series of Mrs Brown’s Boys and will it be the last?

Mrs Brown’s Boys is back onscreen for Christmas – but when we will see the Mammy again? (Picture: BBC)_

Mrs Brown’s Boys is tipped to once again dominate the festive ratings with the first of its two new festive episodes on Christmas Day.

With the second airing on New Year’s Day, fans of the show will be well served over the next couple of weeks. 
But Christmas specials aside can we actually expect a new series of the show any time soon? 

Well, here’s the bad news. While the BBC have commissioned Christmas specials all the way up to 2020, at the moment there’s no new series in the pipeline – meaning it’s almost five years since we had a full new series of the show.

Expect this one to dominate the festive ratings (Picture: BBC)

We do have the spin-off series All Round To Mrs Brown’s however – which Mammy creator Brendan O’Carroll has hinted he wants to focus on. 

That show, which sees Agnes welcoming celebrity guests and their mothers into her home, has already run for two series on Saturday nights, with the second season airing earlier this year.

 ‘The whole family are thrilled with the reception the show has received on Saturday nights,’ O’Carroll said of the second series.

 ‘Although our focus right now is on the Christmas Specials of our regular Mrs Brown’s Boys Show, we are excited that 2018 will see party time at the Browns’ house again.’

News of a spin-off movie featuring characters Buster and Dermot has also surfaced, with O’Carroll recently revealing that his son Danny and mate Paddy Houlihan are working on the script.

 However, the actor has also recently hinted that if Mrs Brown’s Boys does come to an end that he would kill Agnes off – and that it would be a devastating end for the character.

 ‘We are booked to do Christmas specials for the BBC until 2020 but if they go, “We are going to drop you as we don’t think it’s strong enough” then I’d kill Agnes off,’ O’Carroll told the Daily Star. 

‘Our final episode would be the funniest show I’ve ever written for the first 24 minutes. Then the last four minutes would break your fucking heart.’

When is Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas special on?

The first of the two new episodes is on Christmas Day on BBC One at 10.15pm and the second on New Year’s Day on BBC One at 10.15pm.

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