Mrs Brown’s Boys’ has a secret vag*na joke throughout the Christmas special – did you notice it?

Mrs Brown is seen struggling with a knock-off Alexa-style device called Maggie (Picture: BBC)

It might be Christmas but Mrs Brown’s Boys left one hell of an easter egg for its devoted Irish audience – with a vagina gag running through the entire festive episode.

 Brendan O’Carroll revealed ahead of the Christmas special airing that the Maggie, a shamrock-shaped Alexa-inspired wifi assistant, is a cheeky joke for fans as it’s based on an Irish slang term for a woman’s nethers. 

He revealed: ‘I must let you in on an in-joke, I deliberately called it a Maggie. Those that aren’t Irish won’t know that in Ireland, it’s a derogatory term for a ladies’ part.

The team revealed that McGee is a slang term for a vagina in Ireland (Picture: BBC)

‘So I called it a Maggie. So when it’s going out on television in the UK, people will be going “oh, it’s called a Maggie” but in Ireland, when Mrs Brown says “Hold on a second, let me ask Maggie”…they’ll be sure to be [shocked].  But it was fun to do!’ 

Despite Mrs Brown growing attached to the device, Brendan said that he didn’t quite gel with a real Alexa himself. 

’I had it in the house for about a week,’ he said. ‘I went “something’s wrong when I’m starting to argue with a fucking machine!” so I got rid of it.’

Brendan O’Carroll, who plays Agnes, threw in a cheeky joke for the Irish fans (Picture: BBC)

On tonight’s episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys, Agnes buys the knock-off device as part of Buster and Dermot’s latest money-spinning scheme ahead of Christmas day.

 However, Kathy has to step in when she has trouble figuring out how to use it.

 Then, when she discovers an Irish setting, Maggie starts become a bit too sharp-tongued for her own good and starts mouthing off at the family. 

Meanwhile, Mrs Brown’s also recruited to take part in the town’s annual Christmas light competition, and goes all out to make sure that she wins the prize, ending with a snow machine in a very suspicious area of Granddad.

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