Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O’Carroll reveals he loves spending time with old people because they ‘don’t give a sh*t’

The Finglas funnyman raised €10,000 at a private family comedy night to kick-start ALONE's latest fundraiser

 BRENDAN O’Carroll likes nothing more than hanging around with the elderly – because they’re at the stage “where they don’t give a sh*t”.

The Mrs Brown’s Boys funnyman insists he’s never met a pensioner who wasn’t more interesting than himself – although at 63 he’s creeping up on OAP status.

O’Carroll raised €10,000 at a private family comedy night to kick-start ALONE’s latest fundraiser to support older people at home.

He told the Irish Sun: “I haven’t met an elderly person yet who is not more interesting than myself. They’re more interesting people and I enjoy being around them more than anything.

“I promise you you won’t have a better time than with an older person, they’re at the stage where they don’t give a sh*t.

“I’m 63, I’m nearly there myself. Though I never gave a sh*t!”

O’Carroll joked that his former TD mum Maureen never got a chance to be alone as she was swamped by her enormous family.

He said: “Luckily enough, we weren’t affected by (loneliness). There were 11 of us, and 32 grandkids, so there was always somebody about for my ma. Sons in law and daughters in law.

“She sometimes wished she was alone, she couldn’t get rid of them.”

The Mrs Brown’s crew raised €10,000 for the “Have a Laugh for Loneliness” campaign where members of the public raise funds for the charity’s befriending services.

He said: “We all said we’d tell a few jokes and then people paid what they thought the jokes were worth. I raised 90p, they’ve all heard mine before!”

Last week, the actor gave his backing to the Irish Sun’s Show Some Heart campaign — aiming to put a defibrillator in every school in Ireland.

He gifted nearly half a million euro to provide cardiac screening to all children and adolescents from the National League footie academies.

The comedian and his co-star wife Jenny Gibney were in Willie Birmingham place in Kilmainham, Dublin yesterday, the place named after the man who set up ALONE in 1977.

ALONE’s staff support more than 2,000 older people, providing housing, services and friendship.

He continued: “Jenny’s da was a fire officer and he knew Willie Birmingham, they’d have food parcel parties. So Jenny would have known Willie when she was a kid and it’s amazing what he did.

“It’s awful to think that as many as 1 in 10 older people experience chronic loneliness.

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