Mrs Brown's Boys' Brendan O'Carroll responds to negative comments made by ex-member Rory Cowan

Speaking to the Irish Mirror, O'Carroll responded to Cowen's comments saying he was ‘bored with the BBC format’

Mrs Brown’s Boys creator Brendan O’Carroll said loyalty is everything to him, in response to negative comments made by ex-cast member Rory Cowan.

The 63-year-old, best-known as Agnes Brown on the sitcom, responded to Rory’s admission that he left the show last year because he was ‘bored with the BBC format’.

Brendan told the Irish Mirror: “For me, it’s a question of loyalty and loyalty is really important to me.

“BBC gave us a shot and not that I feel that I owe them the rest of my life, I do feel that if i’m doing a new project, or if i’m working on a new project, I think out of loyalty I would run it passed them first.”

Rory sensationally quit the show in June 2017, and said he was tired of the gruelling touring schedule, however, he later revealed that it was because he had got ‘very, very bored’ with the show.

But just last week, the 59-year-old told Sunshine FM that there was a rift involved with his departure and added that he hasn’t made contact with his former boss since.

Speaking on Monday at the launch of Mrs Brown’s Boys FAI Heart Care Programme, Brendan said: “Well Rory was there but he didn’t always play Rory for 26 years, he was there initially doing press at the start and he was brilliant at that, he was brilliant at press. But it would be the same if any of the characters left.

“That loyalty makes a big difference. So if one of the other cast left it would be the same.”

The comedian who plays the nation’s favourite Mammy added: “It’s a question of settling down, and when you bring somebody new in, like Damien(McKiernan) to play Rory, it’s not a question of him trying to fit in, we’ve to try and fit around him.

“So if any of the cast went… I mean Jesus if Winnie went, or Buster went, or Dermot or Mark, if Cathy went, it would be a completely different show but a completely different evolving show. It shouldn’t be a completely different show but worse, it should be evolving.

“Even the transition of Rorys gave me a storyline, but this year Rory is settled in and it’s just another Mrs. Brown’s Boys.”

The Dubliner, who’s new quiz show, ‘For Facts Sake’ launched last week, said they are currently looking forward to the musical in March, but revealed that the excitement is already building for their yearly Christmas special.

His wife, Jenny said: “We are very lucky to have that privileged spot on Christmas Day.

“It is very special to know that every Christmas Day, we have the tradition that our families sit down after the dinner and watch it.

Brendan added: “That’s the first time we see it. We watch it with everyone else. We watch it like this, with our hands (over their eyes), hiding behind the chair nearly.”

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