Brendan O'Carroll wasn't supposed to be Mrs Brown

Brendan O'Carroll has revealed that he only began playing Mrs Brown after the actress first cast to play her fell ill.
The character and indeed the show has divided people up and down the nation with its style.

However. Finglas man O'Carroll has said that he wasn't even meant to be part of it!

Speaking on tonight's Jonathan Ross Show O'Carroll  says:

"I went home and wrote the first five episodes and got anybody I knew who could come in and record a voice [for example], Bugsy who plays Grandad. He was my window cleaner.

"I had an actress booked to play Mrs Brown, but she had a kidney infection and couldn't come in and I’d already paid for the studio.

So I thought I'd record everything, I'll do her lines and when she's well I'll dub her voice in."

However, he was told by impressed producers that he should take on the role full time before Mrs Brown first appeared on RTÉ 2FM in 1992.

"I started Mrs Brown on the radio.
" A radio DJ invited me in and used to get fellas in who were currently gigging to read some wacky stuff out of newspapers," O'Carroll said.

"He brought me in to do this and he must have seen me roll my eyes and I said, 'It's just not funny'… And he said, 'Do you think you can do better?' and I said, ‘Let it roll'."

"Afterwards we had a cup of coffee and off the top of my head I said, 'I'm writing a comedy soap opera, five minutes, five days a week. It'd be great on radio'.

"He asked me what it was called and on the way in to the studio I was listening to the news and it was Louise Brown's 18th birthday, who was the first test tube baby, and she'd changed so many lives with that one event and I was thinking about the Browns so I said, 'Mrs Brown’s Boys'."

O'Carroll also tells Ross:

"Sadly a couple of elderly gentlemen come up to the door with flowers and want to ask her [out].

" What the security staff do is [say] 'We’ll make sure she gets the flowers'."

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