Mrs Brown's Boys star Rory Cowan has a new book coming out but says Brendan O'Carroll needn't worry...yet

The star will turn 60 next year

Rory Cowan has revealed his book will be hitting shelves before Christmas - but fans looking for the goss on his time working with Brendan O'Carroll will have to wait.

The Dublin actor said he won't be spilling the beans about his career with the Mrs Brown's Boys creator just yet.

He admitted he'd need to write a whole book about the comedy superstar, who writes and plays the role of Agnes Brown in the hit series.\

“I have written a book, hopefully it’ll be out before Christmas,” Rory told Ireland AM yesterday.

“I was approached by Gill, and others, to do an autobiography but I wasn’t really interested in doing that because there’s growing up, all my years working in EMI that’s another book.

And working with Brendan O’Carroll, there’s another book in that, so I’m thinking I can’t do one and cover everything, I’d need to do three really.”

Best known for his role on the hit show playing Brendan O’Carroll’s on-screen son, Rory Brown, he added: “Gill came to me with this lovely idea I thought was great straight away.

"We would like you to do an autobiography but interweave it with stories of your relationship with your mother because I’ve been talking about her so much with dementia and raising awareness.”

The star, who turns 60 next year, said he will be having a “big party” to celebrate the milestone.

Cowan replaced comedian Al Porter in the Olympia Christmas Panto last year and he is returning to the role for the festive season in Polly and the Magic Lamp starring alongside Erin McGregor and Jake Carter.

He said: “Just before Christmas last year they asked me to fill in the panto in the Olympia. I thoough I would, keep everything going, keep the show on the road, so I did it. I loved it.”

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