Jason Manford mortified as his mum reveals he showed her vibrator to a priest as a child

Jason was soon regretting bringing his mam to the show (Picture: BBC)

Jason Manford’s mum upped the cringefactor on  All Round to Mrs Brown’s – by discussing the time he found her vibrator.

The mum met Mrs Brown for a chat and a cuppa tea on tonight’s show, and it didn’t take long for Agnes to get the dirt on the comedian. Mammy Sharon relished her time in the limelight as she spoke about raising four boys – and the time a young Jason brought out her toy ‘robot’ while a PRIEST was visiting.

Sharon had quite the story up her sleeve! (Picture: BBC)

Yup. I’d be cringing too there, Jase. Explaining that was raising Jason in a catholic area when he was three and was expecting her second child at the age of 19. ‘By Manchester standards, quite the late starter,’ joked Jason – who was clearly unsure of what was coming. Admitting that her husband was an atheist, she got trapped in a super awkward discussion with a priest about getting wed before the birth instead of ‘living in sin’.

The group were left in stitches as she recalled the awkward ‘robot’ moment (Picture: BBC)

Sharon told the group: ‘All of a sudden Jason walked in and I could see this buzzing sound, and the priest was sat there, and he was just going “Oh I found mummy’s robot!”’ Jason had no choice but to bury his head in his hands as she recreated the moment of him using her ‘robot’ as an airplane.

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