Mrs Brown's Boys star Paddy Houlihan says he is 'too lazy' to get another job

The actor said it would be very daunting to take on another role

Maria Brown (FIONA O'CARROLL), Dino Doyle (GARY HOLLYWOOD), Rory Brown (RORY COWAN), Dermot Brown (PADDY HOULIHAN), Agnes Brown (BRENDAN O'CARROLL), Father Damien (CONOR MOLONEY) (Image: BBC/Andy Peebles)

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Paddy Houlihan confessed he is ‘too lazy’ to get another job after working on the award-winning show for 15 years.

Just weeks after Rory Cowan sensationally quit the show after 26 years, Paddy, who plays Agnes Brown’s son, Dermot, said there’s no fear he’ll be leaving the cast anytime soon.

The Dubliner grew up with show creator Brendan O’Carroll’s son Danny, who plays Buster, and started working with the family in 2002.

Speaking to the Irish Sunday Mirror, Paddy, 34, who isn’t a trained actor, said it would be very daunting taking on another role.

He said: “I’d be afraid because I wouldn’t know what to expect. We’re very well protected and looked after with Mrs Browns.

(L-R) Agnes Brown (BRENDAN O'CARROLL), Buster Brady (DANNY O'CARROLL), Dermot Brown (PADDY HOULIHAN) (Image: BBC/Alan Peebles)

“Plus there’s an element of laziness there. I know how good I have it.”

The father-of-two said he has been approached to do “little things” over the years.

“What I realised very quickly was I was so busy I never needed to work elsewhere.

“We work so much with Brendan that I realised the time off was important to rest.

“If you only have a few weeks off and you’re filling it with more work you’d lose the appetite for it.”

Paddy, who supported his on-screen wife Fiona O’Carroll on the Dublin leg of her mammoth charity walk for Billy’s World Ireland on Friday, revealed that Brendan is currently at his home in Florida writing the Christmas special.

Brendan O'Carroll as Agnes Brown and Paddy Houlihan as
 Dermot and Fiona O'Carroll as Maria Brown

The Mrs Browns gang will be back in the studio in the autumn.

“We’re off until October. We had a busy enough year and back to Australia and New Zealand next year.

“I’ve no clue what’s in store for the show. I’m excited to read the script because I know what Brendan is capable of.”

Mrs Brown’s Boys is a family affair, with many of the cast either married to each other or related.

When the tour kicks off again Paddy wil be joined by his wife Emily and their twin girls, Bonnie and Darcy.

Paddy said: “Emily works on the show as well so the kids will be on the road too. On tour it’s a different city every week. They love it.”

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