Mrs Brown's Boys gives Tokoroa family of fans a good laugh

Tokoroa Mrs Brown's Boys fans Joy Gash, her mother Fay Moore, and her daughter Erica Gash.

There are fans and then there's a Tokoroa family of fans of Irish television sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys.

Colleen Brosnan, her sister Fay Moore, Fay's daughter Joy Gash, and Joy's daughter Erica Gash have been fans since way back.

In 2014 Brosnan designed 'Mrs Brown's Kiwi Girls' T-shirts featuring pictures of the quartet surrounding a picture of the show's star Agnes Brown, played by Brendan O'Carroll. She and her sister then wore them at the sitcom's live Australian show.

Colleen Brosnan with her Mrs Brown's Boys t-shirt

Although the Gashs were unable to go, they all signed one of the t-shirts which Brosnan and Moore gave to Paddy Houlihan, who plays Dermot Brown. They later got to meet the entire cast who signed their t-shirts which they have faithfully kept ever since.

In 2016 the sitcom came to Auckland for a live show so of course the sisters got out their t-shirts and headed along. They were thrilled when O-Carroll pointed them out in the crowd and said 'I see you've still got the same t-shirt on'.

When it was announced the cast would again be returning to Auckland on March 10 the die-hard fans decided to make it a family affair.

This time it wasn't just the sisters going. Their sister in law, along with Fay's daughter Joy, Joy's daughter Erica, Fay's son Lance Moore, his daughter, wife and her parents and aunt, and a lineup of family friends tagged along too.

Brosnan said the humour was something all generations of the family enjoyed.

"Erica has just turned 20 now and she loves it and I know my parents would have been the same," she said.

"I think it is just the ad-lib. They can make mistakes but they laugh at themselves and it is fabulous."

She said the live show was packed and the humour was as good as ever.

"In one of the scenes on Saturday the girls were all there performing and Buster Brady (played by Danny O'Carroll) was sitting in a chair and Agnes turned to Buster and said "what are you doing here Buster" and he said "oh because it is in the script". The whole arena was in total uproar, it was just so natural," she said.

She said her family plans to return again when the cast tours again in a couple of years.

"We may have to make new t-shirts by then," she laughed.

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